SOS Shoot August 2012

Spirit of Sherwood 5th. Aug. 2012

This was my first Archery comp. at another club. I wasn’t going to do any comps but my friends??? At the club talked me into it. I went there on my own and almost chickened out but when I got there I found our members already there which made me feel better. From there on in it was all downhill they couldn’t find my name but it didn’t matter the members of SOS made me feel so welcome. The lady on the gate when I arrived was extremely helpful to a new competitor, and even went so far as to find me twice more through the day to see if I was O.K. and enjoying myself. In fact all the members of Spirit were very friendly that day. I have been told that this is the norm at these comps and Spirit certainly lived up to this reputation. I was put together with two great lads (men) Richard and Grot who kept me in stitches all the way through and did the scoring for me if I pulled the arrows for them. Two results of this is that I can’t wait for my next comp. and I would strongly recommend others who have never been to one should try it, for £6 you can’t get a better or more friendly day out. My only worry is that I won’t be able to beat my score for a long time (Hay ho that’s beginners luck).

Steve Osborne