Hello All

I think most of you know me, but how many of you know anything about me?

I was born in the north east of England in what was known as West Hartlepool, county Durham. Now it is just Hartlepool, and it’s not in county Durham, it’s Teesside. How things change.

I finished my schooling at Manor Comprehensive (now the Manor School of Technology). I could have left after my fourth year of senior school, at the tender age of 15, but I decided to stay on another year to get some qualifications. I got the qualifications, but there were no jobs to get, so I ended up doing factory work just till something better came along and ended up doing factory work till I retired.

I moved down to Nottinghamshire in 2002 with Derek, who had been brought up in Ollerton and still had friends and family down here. We moved in the May of 2002, and that summer we went to the Robin Hood Festival in Sherwood Forest, and that’s where I had my first go at archery. After six arrows I was well and truly hooked. The very next week we sought out Pines Park Archers and came along to the woods on Saturday morning, not expecting to have another go. But Roy and Maureen Marples welcomed us and set us up with bows and arrows and we joined there and then, and have been with the club ever since.

In 2002 we joined the NFAS as instructed, and back then we did not have to be ‘signed off’, not like now when you cannot go on a shoot till you’ve been signed off. We got our NFAS membership cards and within a few weeks we ventured out to our first shoot, urged on by Ken and Joan Adams who were Pines Park members at the time. Our first shoot was at Castle Bowmen, and we thoroughly enjoyed it, and have been going on shoots ever since, though we don’t get out as often as we used to, and not as often as we’d like. Along with Derek I have been on countless shoots, and have taken part in 3D Champs and the Nationals.

At SOS open Shoot with some of the gang!

In my time at Pines Park Archers I have seen many changes, the major one being the move to Sansom Wood from the Sherwood Pines Forest Park, and the move from Clipstone Hall where the club has been meeting on Tuesday evenings for the best part of twenty years, to the old Hosiery Mill at Botany Avenue in Mansfield. I also took over as Club Secretary in 2010. I had been with the club for eight years and I thought it was about time I gave something back to the club, so I’ve now been doing the job for nearly four years, and will continue for as long as I am able, (and as long as the club wants me).

One thing you may not know about me – when I was 15 years old I trained with the British Ladies Olympic Champion on the trampoline, and have medals to prove it!!!

Another thing you may not know is my nickname which the lads in the club have christened me with is Five Horses – reason being that (apparently) I nag nag nag nag nag.

Winnie Smith

24th February 2014

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