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We would like to remind our members that the Pines Park shooting fees are due on the 1st of April. If NONE of your details have changed  you can renew your membership by submitting your fees with the attached Renewal Slip

 Download the Renewal Slip


You may also want a copy of the NFAS Renewal Form

Please hand completed forms to the club secretary or post them  to:

Pines Park Archers

Club Secretary

166 Fourth Avenue




NG21 9NS


Serious Incident in the woods

Recently Mick Dews and Barry Buckley were approached by the farmer who has the field next to our cabins. The farmer had an arrow which had been shot into the field and had landed next to his pheasant pen. Mick estimates that the distance was close to 100 yards, and had to have been shot deliberately. The arrow was marked, and belonged to an NFAS archer who shot our March shoot. Derek Smith had found this arrow after the shoot and had put it in the sin bin in the cabin. The farmer was willing to let the club committee deal with this.

I do not have to impress on you all how serious this is.  This was an insanely stupid and dangerous act, and could have had very serious repercussions for the club.

We do not know who committed this act of stupidity, but Mick Dews announced at the AGM that if ever we find out, that person will be immediately thrown out of the club, and the NFAS will be told the reason why. In addition to this, if the person then tries to join another club, then that club will also be told the reason why they were thrown out of Pines Park Archers.

We do not want our club to be seen as a club that condones this behaviour, and if anything like this happens again all efforts will be made to find out who is responsible and action will be taken. 

Winnie Smith

Club Secretary


Dates for your Diary

2017 Open Shoots

  • 4th   June  2017               36 Paper Faces
  • 20th August 2017            Pre Nationals 36 Paper Faces

2018 Open Shoots

  • 4th   March  2018               
  • 10th June 2018                  

Can all members please make a note in your diaries to keep these dates free if at all possible.  In line with your membership agreement your assistance is required to help set up and run these events, which bring in a substantial amount of revenue to the club and greatly assist in keeping the membership fees as low as possible.

AGM Minutes

The minutes of the 2012 AGM can be found here

The minutes of the 2013 AGM can be found here

The minutes of the 2014 AGM can be found here

The minutes of the 2015 AGM can be found here

Hall & Woods Shooting.

When we get  decent weather we can shoot at the woods (Tue, Thur, Sat, and Sun. Also Bank holidays) during daylight hours.


There must be two adult members to shoot. No one is to shoot on their own.

All the signs must be put out before shooting and taken in after shooting.

Please sign the blackboard before you go of into the woods and dont forget to rub your name off when you are finished.

If you are leaving the cabin unattended, please make sure it is locked.

If everyone sticks to the rules and take turns in getting the signs in/out we should all have happy shooting.


Entry to the Woods

A point was made at the AGM about the entrance/exit at our woods. Originally the Forestry Commission said that we had to enter at Rigg Lane and exit at Longdale Lane. Most members feel that it would be safer the other way round. The FC has now said that we can now change this, so it was agreed that for open shoots we will be entering via Longdale Lane and exiting via Rigg Lane. This will be much safer to exit Rigg Lane as there is good visibility in both directions, and the traffic is not so fast on this road. There will still be a one way system in place on shoot days.

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