Pines Park Shoot Report 8th March 2015

What a fantastic turn out of happy people for our wooden arrow shoot, including our new President, Trish Jones. She’d travelled down the previous day to make it here and was thoroughly complimentary about the woods, the shoot and the club. Trish was not the only one giving us brilliant positive feedback. Our course layers did a fantastic job, foxing lots of archers who ‘should have got that!’ – Every shot was achievable by every archer so it’s good to know we are providing a challenge without simply stretching the distance. By popular request the ‘fish and chips’ shot was back along with an amusing horror-themed crocodile, shooting through tyres where rubber ducks sat swimming, the bears and their loo roll in the woods and much more, it was a great day enjoyed by all.

This was our annual charity shoot and after the course was completed a stand-alone shot William Tell shot was set up at 50p a go, if you hit the apple your name went into the draw for a bottle of Glenfiddich.  Even our Winnie had a go and managed to snare it with one of our club bows she’d never used before.

In total we raised £150 for Pathfinders and £500 for the Air Ambulance

Our thanks go out to all of you who came for the shoot, those who donated to our raffle, to our club marshals, committee, course layers, admin and a special mention for two of our teen contingent, Phoebe and Tom, who always put in so much effort to help out over the weekend.  Thanks again for your support in coming along to enjoy the shoot. I think we enjoyed it as much as you did.

Quote of the day: ‘If you want to see how a shoot should be done, go to Pines Park.’  Trish Jones, NFAS President.